The award winning Tuxedo eccount and Prepaid card products offer businesses and consumers secure, innovative and flexible stored value solutions.

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It's easy to buy a Tuxedo MasterCard / Maestro Card. Simply choose the tariff that is right for you and follow the instructions to register your details and complete your purchase.

Can I use a Tuxedo Card to avoid Ryanair Administration Fees?

Yes, our cards are MasterCard / Maestro Prepaid Cards and thus will be exempt from the standard Ryanair administration charge of £5 per person. For example, you will save with a family of four £40 (4 x £5 outbound and 4 x £5 inbound).


Pay as you go Pay Monthly Pay as you go Pay Monthly

Tuxedo MasterCard® Card £9.95
Tuxedo Maestro® Card £4.95
  • Accepted in over 30 million locations worldwide and online, withdraw cash from over 1.5m ATMs wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed.
Accepted in over 9 million locations worldwide and online, withdraw cash from over 1m ATMs wherever the Maestro Acceptance Mark is displayed.


We offer a choice of two tariffs to ensure you that get maximum value based on how you plan to use your card:

Pay Monthly- offers the best value if making more than 1 ATM withdrawal a month and higher number of transactions

Pay As You Go - most suitable if making less than 4-5 transactions a month


Pay Monthly
Pay As You Go
Monthly fee
£4.99 per card n/a
UK Purchases

Free and unlimited

2.95% (min 50p/max £1.50)

Overseas purchases
Free and unlimited 2.95% (min 50p/max £1.50)
UK ATM withdrawals
50p 1.5%   (min 99p/max £1.50)
Overseas ATM withdrawals
£2.25 £2.25


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0-5 times a months 6+ times a month
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Online gamblingTravel money Online shopping
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How do you prefer to get your cashback?
Cashback in stores ATM
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MasterCard, Maestro and their Brand Marks are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. The Tuxedo MasterCard Prepaid Card and the Tuxedo Maestro Prepaid Card are issued by Newcastle Building Society ("NBS") pursuant to licence by MasterCard International.  NBS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an issuer of e-money (registration no. 156058).